International Printmakers Exhibition, From There to Here (Bridges), Southern Graphics Council Exhibition & Conference, Curated by Prof. Karen Kunc & Prof. Rokeya Sultana,San Francisco, March 26 - 30, 2014 (Museum of Paper and Book Arts, İzmir, 2016)

From There To Here (Bridges)

Date: Saturday, March 29th

Organizers: Karen Kunc and Rokeya Sultana

Participants: Michael Schneider, Jasmin Edelbrunner, Rokeya Sultana, Abdullah al Bashir, Ibrahim Miranda, Héctor Ruiz, Wael El Sabour, Mohammed Ramadan, Paivikki Kallio, Laura Vainikka, Ajit Seal, Bhaskar Jyoti Borgohain, Patricia Hernández Rondán, Gil Gijón Bastante, Ilgim Veryeri Alaca, Elvan Serin, Karen Kunc, Camille Hawbaker.

This theme is addressed by global artists who collaborate to build connections with each other and with our students through a print portfolio exchange. From There to Here refers to the transferal nature of printmaking actions that take information from matrix sources and impresses it, via ink, pressure, intent, into/onto another strata, that itself becomes the transportable carrier of images and ideas.

Also, as teachers and students, our theme honors our legacy of sharing, the transmission of influence and inspiration connecting masters to the next generation, our love for the print, and our rich print history, a process which is often an oral tradition. This portfolio of prints is the actual presence of global cultural exchange, while our collaborative relationships are conceptual bridges, spanning place, time, and impressions of the other. From There to Here.

Rokeya Sultana is Professor and Head of the Department of Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is a Fulbright Scholar, and has received awards from France, India, USA, Bangladesh. Her works have been shown in international venues in Poland, Zimbabwe, Japan, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Nepal, Korea, USA.

Karen Kunc is Cather Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been recognized with Fulbright Scholar Awards to Finland and Bangladesh, two NEA Fellowships, the 2007 Printmaker Emeritus Award from SGCI. She has exhibited and taught around the world, in Egypt, Italy, Canada, Finland, Poland, Japan, France, Mexico, Iceland.